Communication is the Key to Success of Any Relationship!


I wonder if you are a Triangle? Box? Circle? Squiggle? or Rectangle?


Each of these 5 SHAPES describes a Personal Style reflecting the way you communicate with others, career choices, choosing friends, dealing with stress, and making decisions.


There are no wrong answers and each Shape Personality is good.


Each one possesses numerous admirable qualities and each one holds a secrets to your success in life!


Which of these five geometric shapes do you think most accurately reflects your personality?


CIRCLES have so many friends,
TRIANGLES always get the best "deals,"
SQUARES will not tolerate sloppy work,
SQUIGGLES are so embarrassing,
and RECTANGLES can't remember anything.



According to Barbie K. Reed, a Licensed Psycho-Geometrics® Consultant, your choice indicates a distinct personality type. Every person has a "preferred SHAPE" and a "problem SHAPE that pushes your buttons. Once you know your SHAPE,


You will understand why it's difficult to deal with some people in your life................


In Psycho-Geometrics®, Barbie also explains not only how to determine your own personality type, she reveals how to use geometric psychology to identify the beliefs, values, and attitudes of any person you meet.


PSYCHO-GEOMETRICS® gives you insights and techniques which allow you to CHANGE YOUR COMMUNICATION STYLE to "instantly" relate well to others. It is IDEAL for improving communication with those "Difficult People" in your life!

  • Bosses
  • Co-Workers
  • Customers
  • Children
  • Spouses


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The Psycho-Geometrics System® is protected by U.S. copyright law. It was developed by Dr. Susan Dellinger in 1978. Since then, her System has been presented in 25 countries to over 1 Million people. The system is the subject of Dr. Dellinger's book: Communicating Beyond Our Differences: Introducing the Psycho-Geometrics System®.


(See Product page to purchase this book.....)

What People Are Saying About Psycho Geometrics Workshops! 


"After participating in the Psycho Geometrics training I find myself actually "reading" people. those I already know and those I meet you know where do they fit? Box, Rectangle, Circle, Squiggle? And surprisingly enough, I have actually been able to determine the "type" or "personality traits" that best describes them and know how to interact with them accordingly. This Psycho Geometrics training should me mandatory for everyone in the workplace. It also greatly helped the organization I work for overall, and I would highly recommend the Psycho Geometrics Training for all organizations and foundations."  Denise Shaw, Accounting Representative, Henderson Group


All of the 500 personnel were glued to their seats.  To this day everyone is still talking about their shapes.  Kelly Bartz,  Price Waterhouse Coopers
My management has really been impressed.  People are still buzzing about it and are begging for more. 
Ann Hilliard, IBM

We found Mrs. Reed to be an excellent motivational speaker. She conducted several training seminars for our automotive group and I would recommend her services. 

Glenn Ritchey, Pres., Southeast Automotive Management
Barbie managed to make her presentation professional in all aspects without being boring; never before has working with geometric shapes been so much fun. I wholeheartedly recommend you to look at Barbie Reed and her program.
Jeff Evans, State Farm Insurance

Mrs. Reed facilitated a wonderful retreat for our agency utilizing Psycho Geometrics. Staff benefited greatly from the insights provided and, for once, found a mandatory training useful  and exciting rather than stale and boring. I strongly recommend her as a consultant, trainer, facilitator or motivational speaker.

Maryann Barry, CEO, Children's Advocacy Center

"The Psycho Geometrics workshops were well receivied and was beneficial in the day to day workplace, particularly the interpersonal relationships with each other and the public. Our employees greatly benefited from this training and I would highly recommend your course to other organizations."

Captain Stephen W. Szabo, Resources Division Commander


"One of the tools we learned was how to identify the "shape" of a person based on character traits. With this knowledge, we can "flex" our own styles to adapt to others in order to improve communications, productivity, and overall harmony in the workplace. This training could lead to an increase in productivity, improved customer satisfaction and improved employee morale. Thank you very much for an outstanding job."

Dr. Howard D. Rodenberg, Administrator, Volusia County Health


"Psycho Geometrics is an easy, fun and memorable way for individuals and groups to learn more about themselves and how to relate to and understand others. It is much quicker, easier (and cheaper) to administer and interpret than the old standby Myers Briggs."

Sue Habel, Partnerships and Training Manager, Volusia County Library Services,


Ms. Reed is a dynamic, persuasive, lively speaker who engages participants quickly during the trainings with group activities or questions and answers. Our staff expressed very positive responses to Ms. Reed's facilitation of these topics and her work with us made an immediate and lasting impact.  The Shape theory of Psycho-Geometrics was quickly internalized by our staff and retained.  We all began talking about our traits as circles, triangles, boxes, rectangles and squiggles.  This helped increase understanding of differences among us and how flexible we need to be with each other in various situations.  I believe others will benefit greatly from Ms. Reed's insightful messages. I know we have.  I am pleased to recommend her.


Tom Rockwell, Human Resource Dir., Florida United Methodist Children's Home



Call to schedule this training for your
Organization or Conference.  Workshops can be customized to fit any group.
Classes can be offered to individuals, couples, families, businesses, staff retreats, and with managers & supervisors who would like to enhance their

"Understanding People & The Art of Communicating With Them."

This highly interactive workshop can help your work group, team members, department,supervisors, department heads, health care, sales and business professionals, develop better people skills and manage emotions and events in a more positive and proactive manner.  This is essential training for anyone who is serious about being part of a productive, collaborative team that pulls together to get the job done.
 This program will also help participants to assess the strengths and weaknesses of their communication styles, which will help them to better understand how to handle conflict with others whose personality styles that are different from their own. The goal of this training is to also enhance your interaction with each other and taking your interpersonal skills to a new level and improve communications with, clients/customers, team members, young people, educators, etc., and others who you come in contact with daily.


Participants can look forward to:
A.  Acquiring techniques that will improve their communication styles with all kinds of people.
B.  Developing skills to better understand the personality make-up of themselves and others that they work with and serve.
C.  Identified the causes of power struggles with others, and given
 strategies to resolve them.
D.  Receiving interpersonal skills that will improve interaction with all types of people, especially the difficult individuals they may often encounter.

E. Enhance communication with others with the utmost respect and handle things and issues in a professional manner.


Psycho Geometrics is an entertaining, enlightening and thoroughly enjoyable interpersonal communication workshop that has been drawing rave reviews from individuals, schools, juvenile justice organizations, child welfare organizations, health care organizations, governmental agencies, sales companies, insurance professionals, Fortunate 500 Companies, Other Companies such as: IBM, Citibank,  Marriott Hotels, U.S. Dept., of Defense, Jeff Evans State Farm Insurance, Glenn Ritchey, Jon Hall Automotive Group, American Express, United Airlines, and many other types of organizations.


Interpersonal effectiveness will be enhanced as participants identify personality styles, traits and characteristics of themselves, their coworkers and the clients they serve. This is especially important in organization that involves dealing with people in person or on the telephone. Participants will receive an eye-opening experience as they assess their own personality styles. They'll learn how and why they get along perfectly with some people and why they can barely stand to be in a room with other personalities. They will learn how to interact with those difficult people that push their buttons on a day to day basis and how to communicate more effectively through an innovative program call Psycho Geometrics. This International Model is being presented in 24 countries and more than one million people. Dr. Susan Dellinger is the founder and creator of this powerful model and started her earlier career out as an educator more than forty years ago prior to becoming an Author and International Training Consultant . Today there are only 30 Licensed Psycho Geometrics Consultants in the world and Mrs. Reed is the first and only African American  Consultant in the World.)

 Are Personality Clashes Affecting Productivity & Teamwork in Your Organization? What about with your family members or with your neighbors, friends,  or your inlaws? Psycho-Geometrics can change the way you communicate with everybody you can contact with on a day to day basis.



Take the Psycho-Geometrics® online assessment now:
Enter the coupon code “barbie” and you will save 10%!

Barbie K. Reed is a licensed facilitator of Psycho-Geometrics®, which is the science of behavior. Take the online assessment today, individually, as a team, your department, your spouse or any other family member you would like to improve communication with! This online Personal Assessment will help you determine your own SHAPE STYLE by identifying your strengths and preferences in both the workplace and your personal life (Estimated time: 15-20 minutes).

You can also order the Psycho-Geometrics® written assessment or the Psycho-Geometrics® book by Dr. Susan Dellinger by going on our product page.
Or you can bring Barbie in to your organization to provide this training to your staff, leaders, supervisors, managers, or sales force.

Base on more than 30 years of research and used in 25 countries for over one million people, this system has led to sweeping improvements in communications in some of the largest corporations in America and Globally.  It’s a simple, efficient, and effective behavioral system that uses a “common shape language” to identify and link behavior to bottom line results.  



      HOW is Psycho-Geometrics® used?

This system’s assessment is used in the following

top requested workshops around the country provided by Barbie K. Reed of B.K.R. Unlimited:


Þ Understanding People and the Art of Communicating with Them!

Þ Understanding Your Team and the Art of Communicating with Them!

Þ Understanding Your Boss, Co-Workers, and Customers!

Þ Creating a More Positive Customer and Sales Experience!


Dr. Susan Dellinger introduces Barbie K. Reed, Internationally Recognized Communication Expert and The First African American Licensed Psycho Geometrics Consultant!

How would you like to enhance your relationship with your family members? Psycho-Geometrics can enhance your commuincation with them no matter who it is. Below are some of the training we are offering to enhance communication with your family.


  • The Art of Communicating With Your Spouse/Significant
  • Understanding Your Best Friend & The Art of Communicating With Them
  • It's Never too Late to Relate to Your Mate
  • It's Never too Late to Relate to Your Date
  • Understanding Your In Laws & The Art of Communicating With Them
Psycho Geometrics World Conference

Great Quotes about Communication to Consider in All Relationships, Personally or Professionally!


               George Bernard Shaw:

The problem with communication ... is the illusion that it has been accomplished.


Rollo May:

Communication leads to community, that is, to understanding, intimacy and mutual valuing.

         Stephen Covey:

Seek first to understand, then to be understood.


         Tony Robbins:

To effectively communicate, we must realize that we are all different in the way we perceive the world and use this understanding as a guide to our communication with others.

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