The Value of Leadership Training


 Leadership and management are not the same thing. These two disciplines require different sets of competencies. Leadership requires relationship skills, while management requires analytical and problem-solving skills. People often confuse the two sets of skills, sometimes with disastrous results. Both must be coordinated and aligned if the organization is to achieve its full potential.


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Our Leadership Training Workshop Series is called: "Empowering Leaders For Greater Success." 

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 You are leading all the time, whether you are the CEO, a manager, a supervisor, a department head, a team leader, or an administrative assistant. It's the person and their attitude that makes a leader, not the position.

The Value of Leadership Training for Your Organization

Many people are often promoted through the ranks because they have strong job skills, or that's the next position up the ladder that will give them more money but it doesn't necessarily mean they have a proven track record for getting results as a manager. Unless they have received effective leadership training their people skills, supervisory skills and their team building skills may be sorely lacking.  What is often missing in many organizations is a training program that focuses on leadership development skills necessary to build a strong, motivated and productive team. When you consider the results that strong leader-managers can achieve vs. managers who lack leadership skills, the value of effective leadership training is extremely high.

Your Leaders Are Your Organization's Role Models

Are your managers, supervisors or department heads setting the right example as role models for your organization or business? Many organizations today are experiencing a leadership gap within their management team. Managers and supervisors may possess the job skills to get things done and the control skills to keep employees in line, but if they don't have strong leadership skills the leadership gap can have a devastating effects on your organization. An Us vs. Them attitude can develop between employees and management, resulting in a negative working environment and affect the morale of the organization. When managers lack effective leadership skills, teamwork, motivation and productivity always suffer. The solution: a leadership-training program for your managers, supervisors and department heads.


Management vs. Leadership

Management involves getting the job done efficiently through people. It involves coordinated processes, controls and the execution of tasks and projects to accomplish the organization's mission. Leadership is the art of inspiring and empowering people to see the vision and do their jobs effectively. Not all managers are leaders and not all leaders are managers. How do your people feel about those that are in leadership position over them? This is something for you to give serious consideration to. People naturally follow leaders out of trust, respect and personal motivation. Leaders set the right example and bring out the best in the people who follow them. Effective leaders are connected, engaged and have a passion for their mission. They build teams and instill a vision, motivation and passion in the teams they lead. Leaders can be coaches, counselors, supervisors, managers or department directors. Whatever title you choose to use their goal should be to help your members of their teams to excel and grow. They should be taught how to give positive & negative feedback to team members, helping to build their skills and confidence. Effective leaders build winning teams that take pride in their performance.

A One-Time Training Workshop or a Workshop Series that

will focus on many areas of Leadership Development 

We can design a single leadership development workshop for all your managers, supervisors and department heads, or we can design different workshops for managers at different levels. The members of your executive team have different training needs than your front line supervisors, so in designing a program for you, we take the size of your organization, management levels and management experience into account. 

Leadership Development is a Sound Investment for Your Organization


Your managers, supervisors and department heads are the role models for your organization. Give them the training and the tools to model leadership and to build the spirit of teamwork throughout your organization. Your investment in leadership development training is a sound investment, and is perhaps the best investment you can make.

Customized Leadership Training for Your Team


We can customize a leadership development workshop to specifically meet the needs of your management team. The cost is surprisingly low when compared to sending individuals to canned, public seminars, but the value is significantly higher. Your managers, supervisors and department heads are your management team, and by giving them focused, customized training together as a group, it ensures consistency and targeted effectiveness and everyone in the organization benefits. You internal and external customers will reap the rewards.
Our role as training consultants is to help each of your managers, supervisors and department heads to develop effective leadership skills. We provide the training and tools to equip your management team to lead your organization to new levels of performance, motivation and productivity. Contact us to schedule a leadership development workshop or workshop series to help make every manager, supervisor and department head in your organization to be a more effective leader.

  Leadership can be thought of as a capacity to define oneself to others in a way that clarifies and expands a vision of the future.
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