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Our Sales Training Program is base on Dr. Susan Dellinger's book and research. It can be purchase on our product page.

What Our Clients Are Saying About Our Sales Training Program!


Success in sales does not go to the one who has the lowest price.

Nor does success in sales go to the one who has the best customers.

And, success in sales does not go the one who has the most intelligence.

Who really achieves success in sales? The people who practice integrity with every person with whom they come in contact. There is no substitute no alternative to consistent integrity.


One customer, well taken care of, could be more valuable than $10,000 worth of advertising. ~ Jim Rohn


Why not consider bringing in training and development consultants for your sales and management team!

You need to make sure that all of your staff is operating at maximum efficiency with the training and coaching they need to succeed. Look for sales training that has proven training solutions as well as reports to track results. Executive leadership training can be very useful to your management team, particularly those just promoted in new positions.

Does your sales force need to improve their selling skills? Does your team consistently hit sales goals? Are you comfortable with their professional selling skills or do you wish they knew how to increase their profit margin and sell more? Most people lack the buyer seller relationship skills needed and most salespeople fail to follow a process that matches the natural buying process that nearly all customers make. Research shows that 82% of sellers are out-of-sync with their buyer.

Sales is the backbone of your business - without it, your bottom line would suffer. Sales Training presented by B.K.R.Unlimited will get you results. The training consultant has been in the personal and professional development training work for more that 30 years. She is an internationally recognized communication expert and a licensed Psycho-Geometrics Consultant. We can help you reach - and even exceed - your revenue goals with a unique blend of sales training program and reinforcement services and consulting and sales coaching services if needed.

B.K.R. Unlimited doesn't  believe in one-size-fits-all sales training. We customize our sales training workshops to fit your company's industry, needs, challenges, and goals. Our teaching methods ensure that your salespeople understand and retain the sales techniques and skills so that they can apply it effectively. The result is increased sales, improved customer relationship, customer satisfaction and a more positive working environment.


B.K.R. Unlimited has broad industry experience and customization expertise and provides sales training and customer services to many types of companies nationwide. Some of these include the following industries:


Automobile Sales Industry
Banking Industry
Financial Services Industry
Health Insurance Industry
Automobile Insurance Industry
Retail Sales Industry
Real Estate Sales and Development
Sales Coaching for Managers and Salespeople (all Industries)

Selling skills are critical to everyone involved in the sales process and for that reason we provide sales training programs for everyone on your team involve in sales. The sales management staff, the customer service staff, and other business professionals.

The advantage in going with us:

   1. All sales training programs are customized for

      your business or organization.


   2. Our interactive sales training programs focus 

       on real-life application.


   3. We provide sales training follow up reinforcement services to maximize

        the effectiveness of your team.

    4. Our training consultant has more than 30 years experience in the

        marketing, networking and sales profession.

Why do you get along better with some buyers than others? Is it possible to get along with all your prospective customers? This topic will help your salespeople determine their own behavior and communication style and its strengths and weaknesses. This dynamic program will show your salespeople how to identify buyer behavior and communication styles and how to adapt to each buyer so as to be effective in making the sale.

"Understanding People & The Art of Communicating with Them" was designed expressly to provide participants with the skills and competencies that are essential to be consistently successful. This program is base on the research done by Dr. Susan Dellinger who created Psycho-Geometrics in 1978 as a solution to a problem. As a management trainer for a Fortune 50 corporation, Susan wanted to help managers and supervisors to communicate more effectively with their teams. Frustrated with complicated testing instruments such as the MBTI and DISC, she sought a shortcut. Having done research in personality psychology and communication styles while completing her Doctorate in Communication at the U. of Colorado, she developed a system of communication style analysis based on 5 simple geometric shapes. It was an instant ?hit? because it is quick, easy to understand and equally as valid as other tests on the market. And people never forget their SHAPE.

Now, some 30 years later, Susan and her Licensed Consultant has presented her Psycho-Geometrics system Worldwide and spoken to over 1 million people in 24 countries improving communication among colleagues, managers, customers and personal relationships. Some of the larger clients that have utilized this system included Federal Express, General Motors, IBM, American Express, MasterCard, VISA, Coldwell Banker, Arthur Andersen and Price Waterhouse Coopers.


Dr. Dellinger is also the author of three books; Communicating Beyond Our Differences: Introducing the Psycho-Geometrics� System; Psycho-Geometrics by (Prentice-Hall/Jade Ink, 1989/1996), has been translated into 7 languages including Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Arabic.: Other books includes: The Art of Influencing People; and Communicating Effectively: A Complete Guide to Better Managing.

Dr. Susan Dellinger introduces Barbie K. Reed, Internationally Recognized Communication Expert and The First African American Licensed Psycho Geometrics Consultant!


Can You Improve Your Existing Sales Force?

In our training program you'll discover what you must do in order to help those people achieve their potential as sales professional.


Understanding Different Personalities Can Help You Close The Deal


As the sales profession you interact with a wide range of people and they face the challenge of dealing with distinctively different personalities who share decision-making about a particular sale.  Insight about the nature of your clients and customers individual characteristics can help you better understand how they will communicate their interests, how to best work with them, and how to effectively close the deal. Increasing the trust your customers have in you, your company, products, and industry is one of the most cost-effective ways to sell more. A warm, outgoing, extroverted, amiable, social and friendly type of personality is considered ideal. While these people will undoubtedly make friends and develop a relationship that does not necessarily translate into making sales for your organization. Sensitivity during initial meetings with a new client/customer will give you important information about how to appropriately customize your approach to communication. Also having the skills and knowledge to know how to immediately approach that client/customer can make the difference in making the sale. Also awareness can help you customize your sales strategies.


Different people think and act . . . well, differently


There are several ways to think about individual characteristics and their influence upon communication and which parts of the sales process might be more interesting and stimulate higher involvement. A powerful training program entitled "Understanding People & The Art of Communicating With Them," uses a process involving Psycho-Geometrics.


Recognizing an individual's characteristics or personality is key


From practical experience, you know that not all clients/customers are the same. They have varied interests, perspectives, and styles. Knowing how to identify each client's/customer's unique characteristics can help you quickly establish effective communication an essential element of the sales process. Knowing these skills can serve you well in ways you may not have considered in the sales field, whether you are in retail sales, the insurance business, the real estate market or the automobile industry. Knowing your own individual personality shape will influence how you approach each client/customer. This is based on over 30 years of research and the theories of Dr. Susan Dellinger, International Training Consultant and one of the nation's leading authorities in the communication field and best known as the creator of this revolutionary system sorts individual personality into five different shapes:


"Triangle, Box, Circle, Squiggle or Rectangle":


Whether a person is primarily oriented to the outer world of people, activities, and things or the inner world of ideas, emotions, or impressions. Whether a person pays more attention to the present, facts, and practical details or the future, big picture, and possibilities. Whether a person makes decisions according to objective facts and logic or by a sense of personal value and a consideration for unity and cohesiveness.

Whether a person tends to be organized and planful or flexible and spontaneous in the way they carry out their day-to-day activities. Whether a person tends to be unsure of themselves, find it difficult to make a decision or would prefer to come back another day and still not sure what they want to do. Understanding a client's shape as an orientation to their communication style can be extremely helpful in building initial rapport.


Understanding the "shape" of individuals


Each of us has all of these characteristics as a part of our makeup, and most of us have a dominant or not so dominant shape. Understanding a client's shape as an orientation to their communication style can be extremely helpful in building initial rapport. It?s just possible that you could be their "problem shape" and if that?s the case this could hamper the communication process and affect the sale. This can only be discover in our training program where your staff will take the assessment that will help them determine their "shapes" and be given the skills needed to interact with "all customers" that you come in contact with.


The Golden Rule


As Children we were taught the "golden rule" by our parents which was:

"Treat people as you would like to be treated"

In the sales industry that may not always work for you, I love the

"Platinum Rule" an idea coined by Tony Alessandra, Ph.D:

"Treat people as they would like to be treated"

In many ways I feel that the "platinum rule" would be a step above the "golden rule" and once you understand how to apply the Psycho-Geometrics� Shapes, it will help you to apply the "platinum rule" more effectively. There use to be a saying "one size fit all" and in the sales industry this doesn't?t apply even though people try to make it fit. We are different in our experiences in life, the way we were raise, where we were brought up, our age, our gender, our culture, our economic background and most definitely our personalities. And when you can understand that your own background will be different from those of your clients/customers and you remember the importance of respecting other people's differences, it will put you in a better position of enhancing communication with them.


So having done marketing in my own business for more than thirty years and have used Psycho-Geometrics for many of those years I have been extremely effective in identifying the shape of my clients/customers which has been a plus in closing many major deals and the key to making the sale.


Contact us today at and we will send you the information about our newest training for your sales force entitled:

       “Creating a More Positive Customer and

                              Sales Experience”

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