We are celebrating more than 30 years of success in the personal and   professional development training field!  Here are just a few comments from some of our clients!



Barbie has been motivating and inspiring others to develop their leadership skills, unlock their personal power, and gain the self-confidence needed to reach their full potential for more than a decade. Barbie and I met during my tenure in local government. During that time we were part of the team that created the Economic Empowerment Program of which Barbie was responsible for providing self esteem development and employability skills to individuals in U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) funded public service programs. The program received a Best Practice Award from HUD and the participants gave Barbie high accolades. Additionally, Barbie provided team building training for my department. The training was creative, dynamic, and motivating and employee morale and collaboration improved after they attended. Many of the staff and I continued to discussion Barbie's techniques, with excitement, long after the workshop was over. From my experience, Barbie has a passion for empowering others and a sincere desire to help others achieve success. Her presentations were inspiring, edifying, enjoyable, and presented in a professional and practical manner. Her message of realizing your own self-worth, creating a vision of success, and personal empowerment is enlightening. I highly recommend Barbie's development opportunities to virtually any group. Ms. Patricia A. Askew Retired Community Development Director for The City of Daytona Beach Barbie'sTop qualities: Great Results , High Integrity , Creative


Our company, Abrah-Cove Publishing, invited Barbie K. Reed to participate as a guest co-host on our radio show, "Out the Box". We found her to be a power and impactful teacher and facilitator of youth and adults groups. She very skillfully motivates women to value themselves in spite of their circumstances, and to be empowered to change the direction of their lives. I highly recommend her consulting services. Donna L. Patton, Founder/CEO Abrah-Cove Publishing?


In Barbie's training sessions our employees received a better look at what's inside their hearts and minds, her presentation's were filled with fun, information, and creativity. She made everyone a part of the presentation. I would recommend Barbie's training over and over again. Joseph Mayer, Flagler County Government Human Resource Director-

Barbie's Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , Expert in her field.


Barbie has a dynamic personality and a strong drive to be successful and a desire to help others. Her training programs are outstanding and she leaves people wanting to come back for more. She is very inspirational and has a powerful message. VOJTECH (JOE) KALFUS , PRESIDENT , MARKETMAX INTERNATIONAL


Ms. Reed brings measurable results to the table. After her training, I was able to measure improvements in customer service, internally and externally. Ms. Reed is a professional, who is a pleasure to work with.

Esuchsland Suchsland, Votran Assistant General Manager.

Barbie's Top qualities: Great Results , Expert , Good Value, Loyal


Ms. Reed is an outstanding trainer who makes a real impact. She addresses difficult issues in a manner that allows all recipients to participate comfortably. She encourages open communication. Most importantly, she achieved the objectives we jointly established for the training. I can strongly recommend Ms. Reed for training and consultation. James Tauber, County of Volusia Fire Chief...Barbie's Top qualities: Great Results , Expert , High Integrity


Barbie Reed is a skilled and knowledgeable facilitator of training and a valuable business consultant. She engaged our staff on multiple occasions in developing greater understanding of each other, appreciating our differences and communicating effectively. Barbie weaves her own story into the fabric of her work and touches others deeply. She is a compelling speaker and I look forward to her joining us again in the future.? Tom Rockwell, HR Training Manager..Barbie's Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , Expert


Barbie Reed is a dedicated and creative woman who is devoted to encouraging people of all ages to find their inner worth and use that self-knowledge to empower themselves. I  can attest to the reliability, validity and professionalism of her methodology as I have attended her workshops as a participant and as a watcher. In the two decades I have known her, she has maintained and used her impressive awareness of what is culturally viable to connect with her clients. Barbie is a gem whose multiple facets allow her to shine in a variety of settings. Working with her to create a workshop designed for your specific target audience will be to your benefit as well theirs. Marty Mayer - Middleburg High School, Middleburg, Florida?

Barbie?s Top qualities: Inspiring, Enthusiastic, Highly Creative


In Barbie's training sessions our employees received a better look at diversity, integrity, and working as a team. Her presentations were packed with meaningful inspiration, every day work information, and she is very creative. As she presented, we all felt a connection and part of her presentation. I would highly recommend Barbie's training to every organization. Her personality and mission is her greatest attribute.? Diana Dovey, HR Dir....Barbie's Top qualities: Personable , Good Value , High Integrity


This is in support of Barbie Reed,  National Training Consultant., who is an exceptional motivational speaker and workshop facilitator, who has worked with my nursing students over the past year with her program Empowering Individuals for Greater Success. She is charismatic and energetic and discusses relevant issues central to the lives of our adolescents and young adults who are beginning to enter the work environment. Maryann Thorhallsson, PhD, ARNP, Assistant Professor of Nursing

Barbie's Top qualities: Reliable, versatile and has a way of engaging people to reach down and find their best.


We found Mrs. Reed to be an excellent motivational speaker.  Her teaching style compliments our sales driven industry. She conducted several training seminars for our automotive group and I would recommend Mrs. Reed services.  Glenn Ritchey, Pres., Southeast Automotive Management


Barbie managed to make her presentation professional in all aspects without being boring; never before has working with geometric shapes been so much fun. I wholeheartedly recommend you to look at Barbie Reed and her program. Jeff Evans, Insurance Agent


Mrs. Reed facilitated a wonderful retreat for our agency utilizing Psycho Geometrics. Staff benefited greatly from the insights provided and, for once, found a mandatory training useful  and exciting rather than stale and boring. I strongly recommend her as a consultant, trainer, facilitator or motivational speaker. Maryann Barry, CEO, Children?s Advocacy Center


Mrs. Reed is brilliant in the areas of human relations & people skills, I have also observed her in workshops settings dealing with various issues such as communication skills, the positive attributes of diversity in the workforce, customer service skills, and the like. Of those who have attended her workshops, including judges, the comments have been outstanding.

Judge Hubert L. Grimes, FL. 7th Judicial Circuit Court


We have seen many areas of improved relations between our staff as well as with our customers which we can trace directly back to the training they received from your workshops.? LeEster D. Koranteng, Director of HR., LYNX Transportation System


Barbie, your ability to relate on a personal level to a diversity of audiences has enabled you to become a powerful motivator. Your enthusiasm is contagious. I am certain that everyone who participates in one of your workshops or listens to your inspiring stories is changed for the better.? Christine M. Davenport, Exe. Dir. North Coastal Div. of Children's Home Society


 "I highly recommend Mrs. Reed's workshop to any agency or organization who is seeking quality for their customers, internal or external.  I know it was an asset to our Postmasters and we are looking for increased customer satisfaction because of the workshop." Edward W. Hall, Postmaster Customer Service and Sales,  U.S. Postal Service


"Your insight on cultural awareness and sensitivity issues bring a fresh and welcomed viewpoint to a sometimes misunderstood topic.  Your energy, interactive skills and professional team approach bring a renewed enrichment to the issue of diversity and are worthy of emulation."
Lawrence W. Arrington County Manager Volusia County, Florida

 "The Inspiration"


Written about Mrs. Barbie K. Reed by Kiara H. 17 years old


She walks with elegance. The click of her heels says that she's a phenomenal woman.


She talks with grace. She speaks with a sense of accuracy, with every word being nothing but the truth. When she smiles, it seems as though there is some place higher than the heavens.


Her head is never down, above the mountains is where it always stood. Listen to her, the answer to life's questions are at the tip of her tongue. Her demeanor is one of a queen who is giving her blessings to anyone in want. She is the national anthem for us women. She lets me know that I can make it. She gives me to the tools that say I will.


The melody of her voice is like a peaceful aria that says there's hope. And guess what? It's priceless. She is my angel who has given me her spare wings. For that I want to say thank you. You have touched me in a way you can't even imagine. YOU ARE THE Inspiration!"

                     What Young People Are Saying: 


"Words can't say enough about how Mrs. Barbie has been of assistant to me and many other young people in getting our lives on the right track and helping us to become responsible leaders of tomorrow.  I met her when I was in my senior year in High School when she was asked to provide a Young People's Leadership Program. We always looked forward to her coming and the knowledge she had to share with us and felt that we could talk to her about anything and knew that she truly listened to what was going on with us. She is a woman of a giving heart and she is always willing to help and do whatever it takes to get things done.  I can truly say that by meeting Mrs. Barbie I have become a better person." Trenton

"Mrs. Barbie is a nice and determined person. She strived for what she wanted even when the odds were against her. She didn't let anything or anyone stop her. She is also someone that I can look up to. Because one day I hope to own my own business and I can take some pointers from her." Amarri

"Mrs. Barbie is a nice woman that can really motivate young people." Brandon

"Mrs. Barbie is a very respectful and ambitious woman. She is hard working and caring of others. She is helpful in many various ways and she motivates everyone around her to strive to be their best at everything."

Ka Tavia


"Mrs. Barbie has a great attitude and a lot of patience. Also I love the way she always speaks in an uplifting tone of voice. Her personality shows through her work." Rontrail


Mrs. Barbie is really an inspiration to me. She's open & honest in what she says & I love her ability to speak so well to people. She's hope for all young people. Be Your Best Self Program Participant


"Mrs. Barbie, thank you for coming to our school to talk to us and try to set us back on track. You really had a huge effect on my life. You taught me how to control my temper and grades. It is really important, Thanks."  Denard

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